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Cheerful Seniors

Medicare has many choices. You can choose between Part A, Part B, Part C (Advantage Plans) and Part D (Prescription Drug Plans). You can also enroll in Supplements to help with your out of pocket costs. Some plans include Prescription Drug Coverage, while others do not. There are also late enrollment penalties if you do not get signed up in time for some coverages. 

Lets face it, Medicare can be confusing and frustrating. We want to help you understand your options. We will walk you through your choices and what those choices will mean for you. We will explain the differences between Advantage Plans and Supplements.  We can look at different Prescription Drug plans to find the plan with the best rate, based on drugs you currently take. We will let you know about enrollment periods and when you can change plans. We will answer any questions you have and help you feel confident in your decision. 


We want you to be informed, and make sure that you are making a good decision about your future. 

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